In case you didn't know, is a loyalty program linked to a bunch a services you already use. You earn points from credit card and bank transactions, MobiKwik purchases, Vodafone recharges, ezone purchases, among many others.

Turns out I had acquired five Payback accounts over the years. They all had points in them and some had points in them lapsing every year.

You can only link one card to your phone no. so I was only getting SMS and email updates for that card. Usually, the redeemables for your points are pretty crappy, but this time Google Chromecast 2 was available!

Drop an email to and provide your name, phone no. and any Payback card nos. you know with a request to find and link all accounts to a single Payback card. They will transfer all the points to one card (of your choosing) and update the Payback card linked to your bank/credit cards to the new one.

And that's the story of how I met my cheap Chromecast 2 device.