You could lose your home to floods, your mostly-digital money could disappear some day due to a technical glitch, education as a path to prosperity is rapidly losing status, jobs that deliver value to others are now more about accumulation of money or credibility, relationships are superficial and transactional, and long-trusted institutions have eroded beyond repair.

No wonder people feel like they're suspended in chaos. It's no surprise that motivational speakers and spiritual hacks are in demand. In times of uncertainty, gullible people are drawn to leaders who speak in absolute terms about favourable outcomes like moths to a flame.

It's also no surprise that people are setting up advisory shops for freely talking about how they think you should change aspects of your life for the better. Dietary advice, financial advice, child-psychology advice, medical advice, sleep advice, entertainment advice, environmental advice – social media quickly transitioned from "Here's what I'm having for dinner" to "Here's what I think every human on Earth should have for dinner".

It's truly astonishing how people dilly-dally between "you are a beautiful and unique snowflake" and "every adult on Earth can benefit from sugar substitutes".

Everyone has their own hopeless little enterprise, fully convinced on the value they bring to the table. That includes me – there's no shortage of bitter people on the internet ;)

I had lunch an hour ago, and I'm still struggling to focus on work. I feel about 10 different things gnawing at my attention – a longtime friend who I may meet depending on their schedule (I signed up for the suspense, take full responsibility), to how my teeth need a dentist's attention, to why there's a mosquito in my room interested in sucking my blood at this hour, to how I need to visit a photo studio for a picture required for an application form, to whether I should upgrade gradle and nuke my day. I'm starting to buy into the chai-every-45-mins culture in office spaces to beat lethargy.