Despite global newsmedia setting it up as a closely contested race, this election was over the day Hillary Clinton decided to run for President. It's amazing how much attention this non-event has grabbed globally. For the first time, we know the names of almost all Presidential candidates! Cruz, Trump, Rubio, Fiorina, Bush, Kasich, Sanders. This has turned into reality TV-esque entertainment.

The Clintons run a massive global political and economic machine. They already have the groundwork and campaign muscle to power through the election. But they'll probably raise money for their campaign anyway... 'cuz you know, people are afraid.

So, Trump isn't going to win. Why bother listening to what he has to say? Don't waste my time.

I must admit though - for all the crappy foreign-policy decisions has made over the years, Trump just may be the President the US deserves.

EDIT: Oh boy...